Red of Fall

“The seasons come, the seasons go…”  These are words that play over and over in my head as I think of the perfect color and style for the client sitting in my chair…

Every day my clients are asking me, “What are we doing this colder season?” The common options are a chocolate brown, golden caramel or a rich auburn. This year however, I’m taking every opportunity possible to go with my newly inspired fall trend, red-violet.


A bit on the forward side, a true red-violet is making a bold statement. It’s letting everyone know that you, the trend-setting, beauty-article-reading, fashion leader has arrived.


The not so in your face, yet just as beautiful and attention grabbing, is the more RED, red-violet or as some would also like to categorize as “the purple auburn”.

I find beauty in all of nature and love when I can find a relative way to transform it into a beautiful hair color and style.

I always try to follow a couple of simple guidelines when working with my clients:

  • Lightness vs. darkness: I find that mediums are safe. Something too dark may pull down your hair color (or even your skin tone) if it’s not complementary. Something too light can do just the opposite. It can either wash out your complexion or give an appearance of an un-natural tone.
  • Tone: If you have a more fair skin, you might look toward a cool-toned color. Something crisp, defined and a bit more forward. If you have a warmer, darker skin tone (olive), it might be best to be looking at something on the warmer side to complement that skin tone. This option can be soft, supple and also bold, but a more subtle statement.

As fall is now with us, it’s time to make that color-changing decision. These guidelines are just that –guidelines. It doesn’t mean that a bright vivid, a deep low color, or even a contrasting tone can’t be perfect for you! Consult with your stylist and make this color all yours this year. And always remember, have fun with it.



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