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Why We Love USmooth Tools

If you’ve ever sat in my chair you know I have a strong passion for what I do. You probably also know I LOVE styling and my hot tools are important to me and important to a great, quality, long lasting style. USmooth tools have been my go to tools for the majority of my…

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2019 Holiday Gift Giving at Z Studio

The holidays are in full swing at Z Studio: The Art of Hair, and it’s a great opportunity for you to save big on your favorite products and tools! At both our South Tulsa and Brookside location, you’ll find our 2019 gift sets available for purchase from Eufoa, Pureology, and Redken. Plus, save over $40…

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“I’d Rather You Buy The Shampoo Than Tip Me”

DEAR GUESTS & FRIENDS, If it comes down to it, I would rather you buy the shampoo than tip me. That sounds crazy right? But let’s break this down. I recently read this in an article from @BehindTheChair, an online industry publication for beauty professionals, and I absolutely agree. Here’s what the article went on…

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