It Just Takes One


It just takes one. One person speaking up can make an incredibly positive difference.

For us, it was Z Studio Stylist James Orr, who reached out to the team in a group chat message over the weekend and simply said, “Would any of you guys be willing to go with me to the Angel Tree and help out a few kids?”

James had heard about the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program on Fox 23, and he wanted his salon family to participate. “Maybe we could pick out like four, and maybe throw in a few bucks from our tips for a week and go get something for them from all of us,” he said.

We quickly responded. “Tell you what, James. Z Studio will pay up to $45 for each of you to participate. If you feel generous, add your own money on top of the $45 from Z Studio, and you can adopt a family or two.”

Z Studio was open for business today, so the team took the time to strategize a plan to help families in need through the Salvation Army’s program. And, just over 24 hours after James’ first group message, guess what we were doing? Our team was at Tulsa Promenade, picking angels off the tree.

We have an incredible team. There are a lot of companies who say that, and they’re probably right, too. But, we are so fortunate to have a team that truly is like a family. It took one simple comment by James to have an incredible affect on our salon family; and together, we are making a difference. As a group, we’re excited about doing something good for someone else. The effort, which began tonight at the mall will continue until the gifts are purchased and delivered.

We encourage you to support the spirit of giving this season. Give money. Give your time. Give something back. There are hundreds of ways you can give back to Tulsa this holiday season through a charitable effort. Pick one. You’ll be glad you did.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a joyous Christmas season ahead!


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