Hair styles – Decades Divided

We all love a little retro, but lets get real, just because you see someone wearing the same hairstyle you had in 1994, does not mean that we’re bringing it back and wearing it again today. Yes, we mean crimped hair, bantu knots and most importantly bang tendrils.

We are in the era of luscious curls or sleek straight and smooth and amazing shape and form. Trust in your stylist when they tell you “It’s time to update our style”. Whether it’s in your color or your cut, your stylist is looking out for your best interest!

We really enjoyed what the Huff Post Style had to say about this in their ’90s Hair Trends That Should Never Come Back yesterday afternoon. These are all great examples of exactly what we’re talking about.

In case a little clarification is needed:

The 90’s:    Hair Trends 1990s.2 Hair Trends 1990s.4 Hair Trends 1990s

Today: Hair Trends 2014.1 Hair Trends 2014.4 Hair Trends 2014



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