Construction Update No. 4

All of the behind-the-scenes prep and work has taken us longer than originally anticipated, but we’re finally in the stages where our space will start to really take shape, and we know it is definitely worth the wait!

Today, as we continue through the construction process, we’re reflecting on how great it is to have a small business in Tulsa. Our salon company is blessed with an incredible team, and a community that continues to embrace and support our team. We’re grateful to have amazing partners we’ve worked with to get to this point. And, we’re going to be even more thankful when we can open our doors in our new location at 3511 South Peoria Ave., greet you with a smile, and a provide you with an incredible “Art of Hair” Experience. We’re continuing to invest in our team and their talent, the education to help make their careers incredible, and in finding ways to better serve you.

As we start getting closer to adding design details, we’ll back off from the picture posting. After all, we have to leave some things a mystery for the reveal! That being said, we just can’t resist posting a few current pics.

The rough look:

And now, with floors and drywall finally going in:


We’re targeting our move date for mid-November. Stay connected to us on Facebook, and keep checking back here for more updates.

In the meantime, Z Studio: The Art of Hair is currently located at 4516 South Peoria Avenue, adjacent to the Tulsa Ballet. We are a teaching salon, with an incredible education team made up of the most talented hair stylists, sculptors and colorists, each creating beautiful art daily.

We always welcome walk-in guests, but encourage you to call 918-743-5353 or make a reservation online so that you don’t have to wait.


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