Ball cap making you go bald?

It’s been rumored that wearing a ball cap will make you go bald. This is a legitimate concern and we want to help clarify…

Hair thinning or balding is a hereditary issue. Taking a look through your family history, you may start finding a trend. Now, with that being said, hair follicles can certainly be damaged due to stress from a ball cap or even head bands or bandanas if worn too tight and the follicle isn’t allowed proper rest or circulation. Like any part of the body, the pores and hair follicles need to breathe and be cleansed on a regular basis. If there is an abundance or sweat or even product build up that is trapped on the scalp the follicle can be clogged causing in-grown hairs, slowing of hair growth, or even as bad as permanent follicle damage. A good practice to have, especially for men, is to use a clarifying shampoo 1 to 2 times a week to cleanse the scalp of any product build up, dirt and grime, and old skin cells.

So again, the quality and amount of… or lack of hair that you may have on your head is genetic, so before you decide to completely throw out all of your favorite ball caps, take a look through your family tree and see who you may have to thank. In the meantime, remember, a good clarifying shampoo is a good idea and also, give the ball cap a day off and let the scalp breathe!


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