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Love Can Be Complicated. Hints Help!

Let’s face it. Lovers aren’t always the best at giving gifts to show their affection. Are we right?! So if you’re tired of getting a chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears for Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help.

Tell your Valentine that you want the gift of love and beauty from Z Studio, with a little hint. That’s right, send your sweetie a hint from Z Studio for what you really want this Valentine’s Day, and when they buy you a $150 gift card, we’ll give them a free haircut*.

send a hint now


*Free haircut is valued up to $35 for new guests with select service providers when they make a $150 gift card purchase between January 10th and February 14, 2016.Valentines FB

A Look Inside Z Studio’s New Location

We should preface this by saying, “we’re not professional photographers.” So, you’ll have to forgive us for the quality of these photos, taken on our smart phones.

But, since we keep getting questions around town about what’s inside the new space, we couldn’t resist posting a slideshow until our REAL photographer comes later this month to take beautiful pictures of our new space and our team in action!


Designed by Karen Rebele of Details & Design in Tulsa, the new location at 3511 S. Peoria Ave. is rustic industrial chic: a mixture of steel, glass, tile and locally reclaimed wood that includes barn doors on sliding frames, used as room dividers. “I was so inspired by the Brookside location, because it’s lively, unique, historic and upscale,” Rebele says. “It’s a place people gravitate to, and I wanted this design to reflect that.”

Z Studio owner, designer, and color specialist Beau Barbee explains that the new space has “features our guests might not see right away, but that make a huge difference in their overall experience,” he says. “For instance, our new lighting system mimics natural light and so our guests can see their hair’s true shades before and after color services. There are more styling stations and a more luxurious, spa-like ambience so guests can enjoy true comfort and relaxation during their services.”

Z Studio will be having a formal Grand Opening party after the first of the year.

It Just Takes One


It just takes one. One person speaking up can make an incredibly positive difference.

For us, it was Z Studio Stylist James Orr, who reached out to the team in a group chat message over the weekend and simply said, “Would any of you guys be willing to go with me to the Angel Tree and help out a few kids?”

James had heard about the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program on Fox 23, and he wanted his salon family to participate. “Maybe we could pick out like four, and maybe throw in a few bucks from our tips for a week and go get something for them from all of us,” he said.

We quickly responded. “Tell you what, James. Z Studio will pay up to $45 for each of you to participate. If you feel generous, add your own money on top of the $45 from Z Studio, and you can adopt a family or two.”

Z Studio was open for business today, so the team took the time to strategize a plan to help families in need through the Salvation Army’s program. And, just over 24 hours after James’ first group message, guess what we were doing? Our team was at Tulsa Promenade, picking angels off the tree.

We have an incredible team. There are a lot of companies who say that, and they’re probably right, too. But, we are so fortunate to have a team that truly is like a family. It took one simple comment by James to have an incredible affect on our salon family; and together, we are making a difference. As a group, we’re excited about doing something good for someone else. The effort, which began tonight at the mall will continue until the gifts are purchased and delivered.

We encourage you to support the spirit of giving this season. Give money. Give your time. Give something back. There are hundreds of ways you can give back to Tulsa this holiday season through a charitable effort. Pick one. You’ll be glad you did.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a joyous Christmas season ahead!

FINALIST: Best in The World 2015

On Sunday, the Tulsa World’s Weekend Magazine released it’s “Best in the World” feature after more than a month of readers voting on their favorite Tulsa businesses. More than 130 businesses received the “Best in the World” title, in categories from Beauty & Wellness to Quality of Life. Best in the World 2015Z Studio: The Art of Hair, would like to thank YOU for taking the time to participate in this year’s voting process. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have received the initial nomination, and certainly wouldn’t have been named a finalist.

As a small-but-growing business operating in Tulsa, we’re honored to have been selected as a finalist for the second year in a row, and congratulate all of this year’s “Best in the World” honorees.

View the complete list of finalists and winners here.

We strive to create an incredible “Art of Hair” experience at Z Studio, and we are so thankful for the loyal guests who have given us such amazingly positive, certified 5-star reviews.

The Secret Is Out!

Thanks to you, our loyal guests of Z Studio, we will soon be moving to 3511 South Peoria Avenue, in the heart of Tulsa’s Brookside district. This is a very proud day for us, and we couldn’t do it without YOU, and our incredibly talented team!

Coming Soon

3511 South Peoria Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105

We’ve collaborated with designer Karen Rebele, owner of Details & Design, to present you with a more modern look and feel in an ultra-comfortable and welcoming environment. Although we don’t have a firm date for move in, we expect it to happen in late October or early November. We plan to share more details with you as the preparation for the move continues. And, of course, our loyal guests will get an exclusive sneak peak of our new home.

We can tell you this: the space is quite a bit larger than our existing space. We’ll be able to accommodate more guests, more comfortably, and better meet the demand for our services you’ve helped us achieve.

As one of Tulsa’s teaching salons with an incredible associate program for developing new talent, we’re continuing to grow our team of expert colorists and stylists. So, if you or someone you know might be interested in joining our team, we invite you to stop in to our current location or apply online.

Know that we will continue to make you proud with an incredible “Art of Hair” experience, the best artistic team of hair color experts in Tulsa, and a concerted effort to continue to try and make a positive impact in Tulsa’s community.

For now, continue to visit us at our current location, 4516 South Peoria, until we make the move, and THANK YOU for putting your trust in us as one of Tulsa’s best hair salons.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

UPDATE 9/26/15: The first of many blog updates on our progress here:




Summer 2014 has arrived: Z Studio serves up beautiful brows

The winter coats, scarves and boots are tucked away until next season as we say goodbye to the once desired, sweater weather. Summer is here and we’re just as excited as the next person, however, we know there is some summer beauty preparation that needs to be had, starting with the eye brows!

Shaken or stirred, Z Studio is ensuring all brows are beautiful by serving up 2014′s Summer Beauty Cocktails, perfect for the first pool party of the season. Color brightened, highlights touched up, shine by a glossing service; whatever your hair is needing, our color bar has got it! After that, enjoy a brow wax on us!

Summer Promo 2014.1

Visit Z Studio… The Art of Hair… Lets mix up your perfect blend and top it off with a FREE brow wax.  Consider this your invite to the party of the season! We’ll be seeing you soon!


Does Beyonce ever have bad hair?


Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

We can’t seem to find a moment in time when Beyonce has given us bad hair… and this… this TIME Magazine cover doesn’t fall short.

Simple and subtle, however she has been named one of the most influential people, and well, her hair holds the same reputation. Time and time again, ladies ask for her flawless ombre and perfected curls.

We see her as an icon and her hair stylist is certainly keeping up. Well done Beyonce, well done!

Short to Long in the matter of an hour!

Hotheads Extensions, the revolutionized hair extension. Everyone wants the long luxurious locks similar to that of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and so many others. It’s time to make it a reality. Through months of research and learning different lines of hair extensions, Z Studio has proclaimed their support and excitement to start offering Hotheads Hair Extensions in the salon!

One of the biggest concerns one may have is whether or not the additional hair is going to look like their natural hair. With the unique design and method of installation, they are placed in the hair in such a way that they flow seamlessly from natural hair to additional hair.

Aiding in the flawless transition from natural hair to additional hair is Hotheads’s array of color options. With extensions coming in all lengths, colors and textures, there is always a right fit. That being another reason for Z Studio’s decision to adopt Hotheads’s way of doing extensions.

**Check out some of the before and afters from Z Studio… The Art of Hair in Tulsa, OK. Turning short hair into long hair in the matter of an hour and no one would have even known the difference!

Dena's Extensions  Monica's Extensions

Just as you redo your color or get your hair trimmed, your Hotheads Extensions are maintained and “touched up” in the same way. Just as we schedule out hair appointments or nail appointments, these are no different. Done the same day as your typical hair appointment, your stylist adjusts the location of the extension and moves them up to account for the natural hair growth.

Through Z Studio’s research on hair extensions, the choice not only became easier after seeing the benefits of Hothead’s methods being more gentle on the natural hair and the endless number of options, but in the dramatic cost difference in comparison to other extension methods. The cost, while varying with each client as the consultation depicts a customized plan for your extensions, is significantly less than other permanent hair extensions in the market.


Courtesy of Google – Hotheads

Now being done at Z Studio… The Art of Hair!

Curled to perfection… Brought to you by Wella Professionals…

Is frizz taking over your curls? Do you have to use so much scrunching spray that your hair doesn’t move once it’s dry? Do your curls fall flat and look dull?

Here is Wella Professionals sharing Shiny Curl Must Haves… Pearl Styler and Velvet Amplifier. Shine, hold and flexibility all in one style.

Z Studio… The Art of Hair has your Wella Professional must haves.

Wella Curly Hair Products

Ball cap making you go bald?

It’s been rumored that wearing a ball cap will make you go bald. This is a legitimate concern and we want to help clarify…

Hair thinning or balding is a hereditary issue. Taking a look through your family history, you may start finding a trend. Now, with that being said, hair follicles can certainly be damaged due to stress from a ball cap or even head bands or bandanas if worn too tight and the follicle isn’t allowed proper rest or circulation. Like any part of the body, the pores and hair follicles need to breathe and be cleansed on a regular basis. If there is an abundance or sweat or even product build up that is trapped on the scalp the follicle can be clogged causing in-grown hairs, slowing of hair growth, or even as bad as permanent follicle damage. A good practice to have, especially for men, is to use a clarifying shampoo 1 to 2 times a week to cleanse the scalp of any product build up, dirt and grime, and old skin cells.

So again, the quality and amount of… or lack of hair that you may have on your head is genetic, so before you decide to completely throw out all of your favorite ball caps, take a look through your family tree and see who you may have to thank. In the meantime, remember, a good clarifying shampoo is a good idea and also, give the ball cap a day off and let the scalp breathe!