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Construction Update No. 5


So you did it. You drove through Brookside and happened to see the sign out front of our new location at 3511 South Peoria Avenue in Tulsa. And now you’re wondering, “when will it open?”

Well, this is it! The final week of our construction timeline is here, and our team is hard at work putting together the finishing touches for our official first day of business in the in the heart of Brookside. We anticipate opening next week, pending the outcome of our City of Tulsa inspection and occupancy certificate.

But, because it’s the week of Thanksgiving, we’ll save the fanfare of a “Grand Opening” for a time down the road, when we can truly celebrate in grand fashion with our loyal guests who have helped us accomplish this incredible  achievement.  As we enter Thanksgiving week, please know how THANKFUL our entire team is for your help along this journey.

Note: Images above are not from this week (we have to keep some of the pictures a secret from our guests, and team members until “the reveal”)!

Keep checking our blog for another update early next week on the official first day of business in our new location! We have availability next week, including many open slots for reservations on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We will also be open on Monday this week to accommodate pre-Thanksgiving gathering requests. Schedule your reservation for next week here.

Speaking of Black Friday, we’ll be offering a great deal on Z Studio gift cards on Black Friday. Purchase a $100 gift card for someone else, and get a $25 gift card for you for free. A Z Studio gift card can be used towards service or retail products and styling tools. Happy Thanksgiving!

Construction Update No. 4

All of the behind-the-scenes prep and work has taken us longer than originally anticipated, but we’re finally in the stages where our space will start to really take shape, and we know it is definitely worth the wait!

Today, as we continue through the construction process, we’re reflecting on how great it is to have a small business in Tulsa. Our salon company is blessed with an incredible team, and a community that continues to embrace and support our team. We’re grateful to have amazing partners we’ve worked with to get to this point. And, we’re going to be even more thankful when we can open our doors in our new location at 3511 South Peoria Ave., greet you with a smile, and a provide you with an incredible “Art of Hair” Experience. We’re continuing to invest in our team and their talent, the education to help make their careers incredible, and in finding ways to better serve you.

As we start getting closer to adding design details, we’ll back off from the picture posting. After all, we have to leave some things a mystery for the reveal! That being said, we just can’t resist posting a few current pics.

The rough look:

And now, with floors and drywall finally going in:


We’re targeting our move date for mid-November. Stay connected to us on Facebook, and keep checking back here for more updates.

In the meantime, Z Studio: The Art of Hair is currently located at 4516 South Peoria Avenue, adjacent to the Tulsa Ballet. We are a teaching salon, with an incredible education team made up of the most talented hair stylists, sculptors and colorists, each creating beautiful art daily.

We always welcome walk-in guests, but encourage you to call 918-743-5353 or make a reservation online so that you don’t have to wait.

Construction Update No. 3

Construction continues!

Our construction team is working at a breakneck pace to meet our mid-November timeline for our move to the newly acquired space at 3511 South Peoria Avenue, in the heart of Tulsa’s Brookside district.

As you can see from the pictures, the cement foundation is in the process of prep for new flooring, new framing is going up in the back areas, and plumbing is near completion.

By this time next week, things should be taking a dramatically different shape in the space as some of the actual design elements begin going in. We are so thrilled to be working with Designer Karen Rebele, of Details & Design, as she helps us transform an old and outdated space into what we hope will be one of the most beautiful and comfortable salon environments you’ve ever been in. Keep checking back – and thank you so much for your support and continued visits to Z Studio!

If you’ve never been to Z Studio, we invite you to try our “Art of Hair” experience today. We always provide a free consultation, welcome walk-ins at our current location at 4516 South Peoria Avenue, and you can even request your appointment online. To reach us by phone, call (918) 743-5353.

Construction Update No. 2

As you’ve probably already heard, Z Studio will be moving to a 3511 South Peoria Avenue, in the heart of Tulsa’s Brookside district, this fall. And, while Fall is already here, we still don’t have a firm date for our move.

However, we can tell you that the construction continues at an aggressive pace, in hopes of an opening in early November.

As of early last week, the plumbing rough-in was completed. As soon as that plumbing inspection was complete (and passed!), a concrete truck rolled late last week to add concrete back in and over the  new plumbing.

Walls have been framed and are in the process of being sheet rocked.

Walls Going in

Minor problems on the roof have now been fixed. An improved roof and HVAC system will help us move airflow better, making the salon more comfortable throughout.

Roof work continues

And, yesterday, the prep to add new flooring began. During the prep, our construction team found the floor in the front of the salon to be loose, and took action to get the surface to a point to provide a solid surface. That process continues today, as our prep continues.

We’ll continue to update our blog with the latest pics of our construction progress. Thank you for being a loyal guest. And, if you’ve never been to Z Studio, we invite you to try our “Art of Hair” experience today. Ahead of your visit, view our Reviews on Google (just search Z Studio Tulsa), on our website, and on our Facebook page. We always provide a free consultation, welcome walk-ins, and you can even request your appointment online. To reach us by phone, call (918) 743-5353.

Finally, as one of Tulsa’s teaching salons with an incredible associate program for developing new talent, we’re continuing to grow our team of expert colorists and stylists. So, if you or someone you know might be interested in joining our team, we invite you to stop in to our current location at 4516 South Peoria Avenue, or apply online.

Construction Update No. 1

Since our recent announcement that we would be moving to 3511 South Peoria, we’ve had some incredibly positive feedback (and a lot of great questions) from our fabulous guests and friends. But the one question EVERYONE wants to know is:

“When will it be ready?”

Answer: We don’t know yet. We promise we’re not trying to be vague, but we only have a rough idea right now. Long story short, when we took over the space at 3511 South Peoria Avenue, it was in an unexpectedly poor condition (spray painted walls, floors, ceilings and holes in walls/doors the size of bricks). Here’s just a sampling of the photos we took the day we took possession of the space:

As we all know, construction timelines are a moving target. Here’s what we can tell you: when complete, the new location is going to be absolutely phenomenal. Thanks to our designer, Karen Rebele of Details & Design, and a team of talented and renowned professionals who create some of the most beautiful salons world-wide, we have left no stone unturned in creating an amazing new facility to better serve you.

So how can a new facility help us serve you better? Well, at Z Studio, we’ve always been about creating an incredible “Art of Hair” experience. And, we can simply say that the experience is going to be even better once we get moved into this new location. A few things that immediately come to mind:

  • An improved retail and reception space, with a larger offering of your favorite Pureology, Moroccan Oil, 1821, and Wella products
  • More point-of-sale computers means no more waiting to check out
  • Free guest wi-fi throughout the space
  • More styling stations = the ability to serve more guests with less wait time
  • New service chairs will be luxuriously comfortable
  • A dedicated shampoo lounge with tilt-down shampoo bowls that contour to you
  • Incredible new lighting at the styling station locations will bring out more of the true hues of your hair before-and-after color application
  • Two brand new bathrooms, including one that is ADA-compliant
  • And, the list keeps going…but we have to keep some things as a surprise!

We’ll continue to update our blog with the latest photographs of the progress. But for now, here are some down-and-dirty pics of our progress so far:

Thanks again for being a loyal Z Studio guest; we can’t wait to serve you in our new location! And, if you’ve never been to Z Studio, we invite you to try our “Art of Hair” experience today in our current location at 4516 South Peoria Avenue in Tulsa. Although we always welcome walk-ins, we encourage you to make a reservation online or by phone at (918) 743-5353. Our consultations are always free of charge.