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Short to Long in the matter of an hour!

Hotheads Extensions, the revolutionized hair extension. Everyone wants the long luxurious locks similar to that of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and so many others. It’s time to make it a reality. Through months of research and learning different lines of hair extensions, Z Studio has proclaimed their support and excitement to start offering Hotheads Hair Extensions in the salon!

One of the biggest concerns one may have is whether or not the additional hair is going to look like their natural hair. With the unique design and method of installation, they are placed in the hair in such a way that they flow seamlessly from natural hair to additional hair.

Aiding in the flawless transition from natural hair to additional hair is Hotheads’s array of color options. With extensions coming in all lengths, colors and textures, there is always a right fit. That being another reason for Z Studio’s decision to adopt Hotheads’s way of doing extensions.

**Check out some of the before and afters from Z Studio… The Art of Hair in Tulsa, OK. Turning short hair into long hair in the matter of an hour and no one would have even known the difference!

Dena's Extensions  Monica's Extensions

Just as you redo your color or get your hair trimmed, your Hotheads Extensions are maintained and “touched up” in the same way. Just as we schedule out hair appointments or nail appointments, these are no different. Done the same day as your typical hair appointment, your stylist adjusts the location of the extension and moves them up to account for the natural hair growth.

Through Z Studio’s research on hair extensions, the choice not only became easier after seeing the benefits of Hothead’s methods being more gentle on the natural hair and the endless number of options, but in the dramatic cost difference in comparison to other extension methods. The cost, while varying with each client as the consultation depicts a customized plan for your extensions, is significantly less than other permanent hair extensions in the market.


Courtesy of Google – Hotheads

Now being done at Z Studio… The Art of Hair!

Curled to perfection… Brought to you by Wella Professionals…

Is frizz taking over your curls? Do you have to use so much scrunching spray that your hair doesn’t move once it’s dry? Do your curls fall flat and look dull?

Here is Wella Professionals sharing Shiny Curl Must Haves… Pearl Styler and Velvet Amplifier. Shine, hold and flexibility all in one style.

Z Studio… The Art of Hair has your Wella Professional must haves.

Wella Curly Hair Products

Ball cap making you go bald?

It’s been rumored that wearing a ball cap will make you go bald. This is a legitimate concern and we want to help clarify…

Hair thinning or balding is a hereditary issue. Taking a look through your family history, you may start finding a trend. Now, with that being said, hair follicles can certainly be damaged due to stress from a ball cap or even head bands or bandanas if worn too tight and the follicle isn’t allowed proper rest or circulation. Like any part of the body, the pores and hair follicles need to breathe and be cleansed on a regular basis. If there is an abundance or sweat or even product build up that is trapped on the scalp the follicle can be clogged causing in-grown hairs, slowing of hair growth, or even as bad as permanent follicle damage. A good practice to have, especially for men, is to use a clarifying shampoo 1 to 2 times a week to cleanse the scalp of any product build up, dirt and grime, and old skin cells.

So again, the quality and amount of… or lack of hair that you may have on your head is genetic, so before you decide to completely throw out all of your favorite ball caps, take a look through your family tree and see who you may have to thank. In the meantime, remember, a good clarifying shampoo is a good idea and also, give the ball cap a day off and let the scalp breathe!

Helpful hints for getting curl

We see it all day every day… that girl who has the perfect curls!! How does she do it? Well, we understand your frustration and we are here to help!

Z Studio’s Senior Artist, Sheena Mullins, gives us some helpful tips on how to prep the hair, style the hair and most of all get the hair to hold! ENJOY! There are a few things that most people over look which ultimately ends with frustration in their curls. First thing is first:

  • Start with a foundation - If your hair is freshly shampooed, be sure to use a product before blow-drying that will give you some grit and control, Moroccanoil’s Volume Mousse or we even like the Moroccanoil Root Boost used throughout the hair like a mousse. You could also use a light gel like ColorProof’s Styling Gel for soft yet secure hold in styling.

**Working with day two hair? No problem! Use a little of Kevin Murphy’s spray in Dry Shampoo to rid the scalp and mid-strands of the hair of any excess oils or built up product.

Moroccanoil Prodcuts:                                   Kevin Murphy Products:

Moroccanoil Root Boost Moroccanoil Volume Mousse                      Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo

  • Work in sections - Once you are completely dried, it’s time to start curling. Start at the bottom in the back and work your way to the top using 1″ – 2″ sections (1″ if you have thicker hair, or 2″ if you have thinner hair). With each sub-section that you curl, unwind it from your curling tool and immediately wind it back up to it’s curled state and pin it with a duck bill clip or hair pin. Now that your entire head is curled and pinned, spray! A fine mist spray with light to medium hold like Moroccanoil’s Luminous Hairspray will work just fine.
  • It’s time to multi-task - Now that your hair is pinned, it needs to cool down to lock in it’s new curled shape. Take advantage of this time to get dressed, finish makeup, brush your teeth, eat breakfast or watch yesterday’s DVRd shows!
  • Time to put the finishing touches on - You have a few different options from here; You could separate them by hand to make them into individual, defined, curls. You can also run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curl without completely diffusing the curl you just created. Another option would be to brush through your hair with a boar bristle brush, like the Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Classic Brush. This will give you the smooth and soft, yet brushed out, wave. This is very much like the Old Hollywood wave we see all the movie stars wearing. Once you have the desired style, finish it off with a fine mist spray such as Moroccanoil’s Luminous Hairspray. Try flipping your head upside down, spraying from the under side and all through out the hair-body, flip your hair back and look at the volume!!!

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

Remember, this style is all yours and you get to do with you what you want! So go get ‘em beautiful! And remember, have fun!

Oily Scalp

Q: My scalp is so oily, and I have no choice but to wash every day. How can I prevent that?
A: Certain hair & skin types naturally produce more oil than others, but over time it can be balanced out. It may feel like you HAVE to shampoo daily, but it often causes the scalp to overcompensate and produce more oil than necessary. Stretching out washes from daily to every other day is a good start, and eventually every couple of days is possible. Always make sure to keep the shampoo at the scalp, and avoid scrubbing the ends with the lather. On the other hand, make a point to condition mostly the ends, and work your way up the hair shaft with the excess on your hands. A clarifying treatment every couple of weeks will help balance out the oiliness of the scalp. Dry shampoos are a great way to get an extra day without washing, as well as add a bit of volume. When using products such as these, it’s very important to invest in salon brands to ensure the vibrancy of your color and overall hair health!