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Color Experts Continue Education

As with anything in style, fashion, and hair, trends are always changing.

Z Studio has always believed that if we want to be a market-leading salon in Tulsa, we have to continue to provide our team with the tools necessary to stay on top of the latest trends in hair styling and hair coloring.

We’ve been dubbed, “Tulsa’s Hair Color Experts,” as a result of the work we continually do to help keep our team ahead of (and on top of) the latest trends. It’s a moniker we take very seriously, and one we want to keep.

Our continuing education program has three major components: in-salon classes for stylists and support team, out-of-salon seminars for stylists and support team, and our phenomenal associate program for new team members are all key elements of our success as experts in color.

We started plotting out many of the educational programs for our 2016 calendar in mid 2015. And as a result, just 11 days into 2016, our team received the first in-salon training of the new year with a visit from Wella Professionals Master Color Expert, Jenni Rea.

Wella Class 01

Our team spent the day today with Jenni learning new formulations (and applications) for incredible color results, including corrective and fashion colors. As a result of today’s training, we believe we can provide our guests with even more amazing color results.

On-going educational programs at Z Studio, like the in-salon visits we receive as part of our Wella Global Elite Salon status, will help us continue to live up to the expectation you have for us as “Tulsa’s Hair Color Experts.”

Wella Class 08

Thank you for putting the trust of your hair (and the color you wish for it to be!) in the hands of our team. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve you in our beautiful new location in the heart of Tulsa’s Brookside. If you’re new to Z Studio, we encourage you to drop by to meet our team and tour our salon at 3511 South Peoria Avenue. We provide free consultations, while we always welcome walk-ins, you can certainly request a reservation online or call to schedule at 918-743-5353.


A Culture of Continuing Education: Magma by Blondor

Z Studio is a commission-based salon where our team is given a clear path to career advancement and growth.

Why should you care?

This means that the level of service and quality of the technical service (cut, color, style, highlights, etc.) you receive while you’re in our salon is as important to us as it is to you. It means that our stylists are employees of our company, and must achieve and maintain high expectations for quality, technical skills, and service.

Let us be clear. We’re not saying that booth rent salons are bad; there are many wonderfully talented stylists working in them, and many owners who pour their heart-and-soul into their business as we do with Z Studio. And, there are also thousands of commission-based salon companies who don’t reinvest in developing their talent.

What we are saying is that Z Studio has a culture of continuing education. All of our stylists are required to participate in monthly continuing education classes and programs as a group. In addition, our team members receive an annual “allowance” for outside educational programs and activities that directly impact their performance at Z Studio.

We were given the name “Tulsa’s Hair Color Experts” because we truly do pride ourselves on understanding the world of hair color, and we strive to exceed your expectations every time you visit.

As a Wella Global Elite Salon, we take pride in using the industry’s most respected and sought-after color line. And in September, our stylists completed two day-long color classes where they learned more about Magma by Blondor, a Wella Professionals product that lifts and tones in one single step for both natural and already colored hair. Magma by Blondor features 16 inter-mixable shades for maximum creativity from soft to intense end-results.

Our education programs ensure that our entire team stays up-to-date on new formulas, products, and application techniques to enhance the color process, plus the best service and business practices that help us provide you with a phenomenal “Art of Hair” experience every time you visit.

Request your appointment online or call (918) 743-5353 to schedule your free color consultation with Z Studio: The Art of Hair.

Photos of our recent September classes:

Example of Wella Professionals Magma By Blondor Application at Z Studio

Magma By Blondor

We update our Facebook page daily with more photos of our guests. See the latest new styles, color, techniques, and a showcase of products by liking our page.

Fall’s Must-Have Hair Colors & Trends

The turn of the season is now fully underway in Tulsa, and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time for a color and style change for Fall.

“Bronde” has taken over Hollywood, and celebrities in all age categories are raving about this Fall’s hottest look. At Z Studio, this is our #1 new request for color. And, our team of Tulsa’s hair color experts know just how to make this color (and right application technique) look good on you.So, what is Bronde? And, which skin tones most suit Bronde? And which celebs are going Bronde? Believe it or not, Forbes has the best answers, while Glamour has the best pics.

This year, “think Bronde, copper, and yes, a return to full highlights,” says Harper’s Bazaar magazine, in their list of Fall’s Must-Have Hair Colors for 2015. And, we couldn’t agree more.

But having the right look for Fall isn’t all about the color you and your stylist choose. It’s also about the type of color application. There are a lot of stylists (and salons) out there who practice color application the same way, day-in and day-out. And, if they aren’t up to date on the latest trends, you could be the one missing out and over-paying for your salon services. At Z Studio, our team of artists are constantly learning through in-salon and out-of-salon education and training programs to stay up to date on the current trends in color and color application.

You’ve probably seen the terms “hand painting,” “freehand coloring” and “balayage,” on our Facebook page.  But hair contouring is the term for taking those techniques to the next level, enhancing the beauty of your face, as best explained in item #2 of this article.

When you make a reservation for your Fall color change (and hopefully you do that at Z Studio), you should remember that creating the right look always starts with a great consultation. And, the consultations at Z Studio are free.

Our team will ask you questions to make sure we understand your vision. And, we love these tips to rock your consultation because the more info you can give us, the easier it will be to achieve the look you’re craving. And remember, don’t be afraid to bring those cut-outs of your favorite colors and styles from magazines. With your help, we whole-heartedly believe that we’ll grasp your vision and deliver the look you crave.

As always, thanks for putting your trust in our team, and for making us “Tulsa’s Hair Color Experts.”


The Secret Is Out!

Thanks to you, our loyal guests of Z Studio, we will soon be moving to 3511 South Peoria Avenue, in the heart of Tulsa’s Brookside district. This is a very proud day for us, and we couldn’t do it without YOU, and our incredibly talented team!

Coming Soon

3511 South Peoria Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105

We’ve collaborated with designer Karen Rebele, owner of Details & Design, to present you with a more modern look and feel in an ultra-comfortable and welcoming environment. Although we don’t have a firm date for move in, we expect it to happen in late October or early November. We plan to share more details with you as the preparation for the move continues. And, of course, our loyal guests will get an exclusive sneak peak of our new home.

We can tell you this: the space is quite a bit larger than our existing space. We’ll be able to accommodate more guests, more comfortably, and better meet the demand for our services you’ve helped us achieve.

As one of Tulsa’s teaching salons with an incredible associate program for developing new talent, we’re continuing to grow our team of expert colorists and stylists. So, if you or someone you know might be interested in joining our team, we invite you to stop in to our current location or apply online.

Know that we will continue to make you proud with an incredible “Art of Hair” experience, the best artistic team of hair color experts in Tulsa, and a concerted effort to continue to try and make a positive impact in Tulsa’s community.

For now, continue to visit us at our current location, 4516 South Peoria, until we make the move, and THANK YOU for putting your trust in us as one of Tulsa’s best hair salons.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

UPDATE 9/26/15: The first of many blog updates on our progress here:




Summer 2014 has arrived: Z Studio serves up beautiful brows

The winter coats, scarves and boots are tucked away until next season as we say goodbye to the once desired, sweater weather. Summer is here and we’re just as excited as the next person, however, we know there is some summer beauty preparation that needs to be had, starting with the eye brows!

Shaken or stirred, Z Studio is ensuring all brows are beautiful by serving up 2014′s Summer Beauty Cocktails, perfect for the first pool party of the season. Color brightened, highlights touched up, shine by a glossing service; whatever your hair is needing, our color bar has got it! After that, enjoy a brow wax on us!

Summer Promo 2014.1

Visit Z Studio… The Art of Hair… Lets mix up your perfect blend and top it off with a FREE brow wax.  Consider this your invite to the party of the season! We’ll be seeing you soon!


Does Beyonce ever have bad hair?


Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

We can’t seem to find a moment in time when Beyonce has given us bad hair… and this… this TIME Magazine cover doesn’t fall short.

Simple and subtle, however she has been named one of the most influential people, and well, her hair holds the same reputation. Time and time again, ladies ask for her flawless ombre and perfected curls.

We see her as an icon and her hair stylist is certainly keeping up. Well done Beyonce, well done!

Short to Long in the matter of an hour!

Hotheads Extensions, the revolutionized hair extension. Everyone wants the long luxurious locks similar to that of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and so many others. It’s time to make it a reality. Through months of research and learning different lines of hair extensions, Z Studio has proclaimed their support and excitement to start offering Hotheads Hair Extensions in the salon!

One of the biggest concerns one may have is whether or not the additional hair is going to look like their natural hair. With the unique design and method of installation, they are placed in the hair in such a way that they flow seamlessly from natural hair to additional hair.

Aiding in the flawless transition from natural hair to additional hair is Hotheads’s array of color options. With extensions coming in all lengths, colors and textures, there is always a right fit. That being another reason for Z Studio’s decision to adopt Hotheads’s way of doing extensions.

**Check out some of the before and afters from Z Studio… The Art of Hair in Tulsa, OK. Turning short hair into long hair in the matter of an hour and no one would have even known the difference!

Dena's Extensions  Monica's Extensions

Just as you redo your color or get your hair trimmed, your Hotheads Extensions are maintained and “touched up” in the same way. Just as we schedule out hair appointments or nail appointments, these are no different. Done the same day as your typical hair appointment, your stylist adjusts the location of the extension and moves them up to account for the natural hair growth.

Through Z Studio’s research on hair extensions, the choice not only became easier after seeing the benefits of Hothead’s methods being more gentle on the natural hair and the endless number of options, but in the dramatic cost difference in comparison to other extension methods. The cost, while varying with each client as the consultation depicts a customized plan for your extensions, is significantly less than other permanent hair extensions in the market.


Courtesy of Google – Hotheads

Now being done at Z Studio… The Art of Hair!

Curled to perfection… Brought to you by Wella Professionals…

Is frizz taking over your curls? Do you have to use so much scrunching spray that your hair doesn’t move once it’s dry? Do your curls fall flat and look dull?

Here is Wella Professionals sharing Shiny Curl Must Haves… Pearl Styler and Velvet Amplifier. Shine, hold and flexibility all in one style.

Z Studio… The Art of Hair has your Wella Professional must haves.

Wella Curly Hair Products